Product Info


This recently introduced range of products has been well received by the trade. The handworkers are under the supervision of a highly trained individual with many years of experience. All our finished goods are manufactured in Cape Town from local or where not available quality imported yarns from Europe. We have a sophisticated manufacturing plant and are able to offer Curtain Tiebacks, Lip cords, Cords, Rope, Soutache, Fringe, Furniture Trim, Tassels, Braids, Cushion Fringe and Rouche all at competitive prices.


Due to the drop in local demand for this product most of our clothing trims are made to order. We have a wide range to select from such as , Blazer Cord, Petersham Tapes, Twill Tapes and Braids. We also are involved in the  manufacturing Graduation Tassels and Girdles. Where we are not holding stock, minimums are required. Whilst this is negotiable it is usually 500 meters.


We are suppliers to the trade of a wide range of textile trimmings used in the funeral Industry such as Girdles, Tassels and Braids. Should these not meet with your requirements we are pleased to assist in developing product to suit your market.


Cape Fringe offers a wide range of tipped cord for use as carrier bag handles. This includes various qualities of yarn including cotton and Jute in cord or tape form. The additional cost of the tipped lengths more than compensates for the reduced labour costs in attaching them to the bags. More and more bag manufacturers are becoming aware of the savings to be achieved. The tipped cords are capable of carrying a weight of up to 13kgs. We also have a range of Decorative cords and Bakers Twine for swing tags and other applications.


The range of yarns, designs and end usage is so wide that it is impossible for us to offer and meet ex stock our customers’ requirements. We are pleased to assist in developing product to meet a customers particular need.